Our Agency : Real estate Agent HOGAN LACROIX in Sarlat (Dordogne)
Hogan-Lacroix Immobilier is based in the historic town of SARLAT

We specialize in the sale of properties in the South West of France.

Our experience in the profession dates back to 1974 and since 1985 we have lived and worked in the Dordogne valley.

We have helped hundreds of clients of different nationalities to find their dream home.

" A few weeks ago a lady came into my office looking a little disgruntled! It turned out that she had come all the way from London with a view to buy a property in the Dordogne. A local agency had sent her photos of a magnificent looking château at a very interesting price. Indeed so interesting that the lady had rushed down here intending to snap it up immediatly. Alas when the agent took her to inspect the property she was amazed to find that all was not as it had seemed…….Her dream chateau was in fact more like a terraced house as it was split into three and two other houses directly overlooked her garden. Of course she complained to the agent concerned and was told that the person who had sent the property details was a young secretary who was not aware of the problem………..of course! I dont know how many times I have heard similar stories. It seems that main concern of some agencies is to get the clients in to the office at all cost…… perhaps they can sell them something else! On the next two pages you will see photos of nice houses which I have taken at random as I drove from Sarlat to Cahors. The properties are not to my knowledge for sale at this time and I do not wish to imply that there is anything wrong with the properties. I simply wish to show how cunningly taken pictures can give a completely unreal impression. "
Mike Hogan -20-3-2003

Voila ! This is a little different. If only you had known...

We at Hogan-Lacroix promise not to bring you down to the Dordogne valley on a wild good chase. We promise not to get you here to tell you that the attractively priced house in the brochure has 'just been sold' knowing full well that it was sold six months ago.

We do promise to give you the best service that we can. We will look after you even after legal completion. Remember that our agency is not staffed by people who also do a bit of part time gardening or building work but by dedicated professionals.

We are one of the few agencies licensed and insured to receive funds from clients.

Need we say more ?

We look forward to meeting you !